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My Most Popular & Favorite Locations for Elopements

Above you will find a link to my bucket list, which consists of all my dream locations! Below I have listed some of the best places that I frequent to have your elopement. I will give you all the ins and outs and tell you everything you need to know to prepare you for your elopement. I am very familiar with these areas and can answer almost every question you have and I am available to travel to these locations all year round. Don't see your dream location? That's ok! I am always willing to travel to new locations and love adding 5-6 new places to explore to my list every year, so just use the "Let's Connect" button below and let me know where you want to go!! Adventure is out there.

Asheville, NC

I am available for North Carolina elopements year round. This year we will be in NC in October. The best time for elopements in North Carolina is April-October. Whether you want to visit the beautiful beaches or the breath taking mountain tops, we are there with you 100%.

Max Patch is one of our favorite Asheville locations. It sits on the border of Tennessee and North Carolina and is a sight to behold. It is an extremely long and trecherous road to get to the top of the mountain so we definitely suggest an all terrain vehicle. We also suggest water bottles and comfortable shoes because there is a little bit of a hike to get to the top of the mountain for this gorgeous view (image above). Once at the top, you will never want to leave.

We also frequent North Carolina cities like Charlotte & Raleigh and are always up to explore new locations with you. Charlotte is one of our most favorite cities to visit because they have a really amazing church that we are a part of, Elevation Church. You should check it out if you are planning your elopement here.

The Carolina beaches are a sight to behold and we are super excited to have an elopement there this fall.

Asheville is for moderate to advanced adventurous couples. The cities and beaches can be explored with ease and does not require hiking experience.

Deep Creek, MD

I am available for Deep Creek Elopements year round. The best time for elopements in Deep Creek is April - October in the early morning hours. The weather gets extremely cold in the winter months but it is still possible to explore the area then and there are less people so it is more private.

Deep Creek is about an hour and a half away from me and my 2nd most popular location to capture my couples and families. I travel here many times throughout the year and I love it every single time. The lake has a sweet little beach area and huge rocks that extend into the water. It makes for some really gorgeous photos. We can also go to Swallow Falls and visit the different water falls. If you are looking for a beach, mountain tops, woods, and waterfalls all in one locations, this is the BEST spot for your elopement.

Deep Creek is good for those that do not want to hike and want a simple walk to the location. Swallow falls is for the moderately to advanced adventurous couples. Be prepared for mud, water, climbing, and wild life.

Ohiopyle, PA

I am available for Ohiopyle Elopements year round. The best time for elopements at Ohiopyle is April - November. If you are willing to wear boots under your dress, then we can explore here in the snow and ice, but wearing good snow shoes is definitely a must due to the treacherous walk down to Cucumber Falls.

Ohiopyle is practically in my back yard and one of the most popular location I photograph my couples and families at. There are a ton of locations we can use and even more that I haven't explored yet. Cucumber Falls is a huge waterfall with a little pocket of water you can play in. We can walk right under the falls and get some pretty amazing images. The rock slides and overlook of the mountain side are 2 of my absolute favorite places to go and explore. Images here are always different and unique and there is really never a bad time to go.

This location is good for those that are moderately adventurous or just want a beautiful outdoor location for their elopement. Be prepared for jumping in water, climbing, mud, and wild life.

Jarrettsville, MD

I am available for elopements at Rocks State Park year round. The best time for an elopement would be April - November.

Rocks State Park was quite spectacular. The rocks here are absolutely amazing and huge. The huge rock overlook makes the perfect photo opportunity and not to mention the sweet waterfalls and lush greenery all around. If you are looking for a mountain top elopement with rad views, I would definitely visit Rocks State Park & check it out.

This location is good for the moderately adventurous couple who are willing to hike a little, get a little dirty, and not afraid to take risks. The big rock sits out pretty far and is safe to walk out to. Be prepared to walk through the mud and water as well.

Virginia Beach, VA

I am available for Virginia Beach sessions year round and will be in the are this spring for a couples session. If you are planning an elopement during that time be sure to let us know! The best time for a VA Beach wedding is May-September.

Sandbridge is our favorite VA Beach town. It is private and quiet. You can rent your own beach house for your and your family and get married right outside in private. The beach is absolutely stunning during sunset hours and we highly suggest that you schedule your elopement around sunset or sunrise. The sand is fluffy and white, the waves are powerful, and the overall vibe of this area is so chill and relaxed. We are up for a Sandbridge elopement any day of the week, any time of the year.

This location is good for couples who are looking for an east coast beach. Walking on the sand can be hot and your legs will get tired if we walk long distances. Expect to get wet and play in the waves and expect your dress to be full of sand. (pictured above). This is a really fun location for an elopement.

Pittsburgh, PA

I am available for Pittsburgh elopements year round. The best time for a city elopement is YEAR ROUND.

Pittsburgh is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever had the pleasure of photographing my couples in. Phipps Conservatory & Botanical Gardens is one of my absolutely favorite locations for an elopement. There are endless possibilities for gorgeous & unique photos. If you are looking for something in the city, that is indoors and extremely unique, I highly suggest Phipps Conservatory! It can be extremely hot in the summer time, especially since it is like a giant green house. So prepare to sweat a little.

This location is good for couple who are not looking to hike through the mountains or get wet and dirty but prefer a romantic and elegant vibe to their elopement.

Current 2021 Travel List

Orlando, FL - January

Tennessee - June

South Carolina - June

Ohio & Pennsylvania - YEAR ROUND

Emily is an elopement & wedding photographer based out of Ashtabula, OH and available to travel world wide. Sought after for capturing pure love and raw emotion in some of the most beautiful locations in the world, Emily is available year round for elopements, weddings, family sessions, lifestyle sessions, adventure sessions, vow renewals, destination weddings, and intimate weddings.