When my son was a baby, I would think to myself, "I wish I had a magic potion to keep him little forever." I would take him to get his photo taken every month because he was growing so fast and I needed to hold onto every stage. Every time I look at those photographs of his littleness I know that it was well worth every penny.

Image captured by Sincerely The Kitchens

Out of all the careers in the world, photography was not on my list. I went to school for Criminal Justice with the intent of one day joining the FBI or becoming a homicide detective. When I had my son, Kaiden, that career path was put on hold and I stumbled upon my passion for photography.

My mom bought me my 1st camera when my son was still a baby. I started photographing Kaiden and capturing every day life with him. Freezing time with my camera was the only thing in the world that could keep him little forever. Which is "why" I do this. I capture these moments to make time stand still for moms & brides. To keep the magic of every moment sealed up inside of one simple photograph so you can return to it over and over again.

Ps: I still have a passion for Criminal Justice so if you are a true crime junkie, we can chat over coffee.

"Being a mom and a wife has given me an awareness that time is fleeting and every moment must be savored. I think that is what makes me a good photographer, not because I was born knowing how to take a picture but because I am passionate about capturing your story.

Photo by Lost Aurora Photography

I am a creative at heart. I paint, draw, sing, write, dance, and of course capture love and connection with my camera. Since I have a true passion for art, I am willing to take creative risks and create images that speak to my clients on a deeper level.

I'm the girl that will be laughing with you and your bridesmaids while you tell inside jokes. I will be crying while you dance with your mom because I am emotional and the parent dances get me every time. I will stay the 15 extra minutes to make sure you have everything you need because girl, it's your day and we are going to do it right!


“Emily is a amazing photographer. She is so passionate about her work and getting every little detail! She has done our engagement and wedding & we would never recommend anyone else ! She is super fun and easy to work with. She’s not only just a photographer but also became a really good friend along the way i feel as if we have known her forever !”

“Emily & her husband Josh went above & beyond all of our expectations of capturing every special moment of our wedding day. They have a true talent that is portrayed through every photo!”

Emily is an elopement & wedding photographer and videographer based out of South Western Pennsylvania and available to travel world wide. Sought after for capturing pure love and raw emotion in some of the most beautiful locations in the world, Emily is available year round for elopements, weddings, family sessions, lifestyle sessions, adventure sessions, vow renewals, destination weddings, and intimate weddings.