The magic can never run out of a photograph.

When my son was a baby, I would think to myself, "I wish I had a magic potion to keep him little forever." Looking back, I realize that I think God answered my prayers for that little taste of magic, when He called me to be a photographer. Out of all the careers in the world, photography was not on my list, but when I picked up a camera, everything changed. I started capturing love and connection when my son was just a baby. Capturing his moments, freezing time with my magic potion (or other wise known as my camera), was the only thing in the world that could preserve those memories and keep him little forever. He would never truly remain the same, every moment he was growing, but every click of my camera was just another chance for me to freeze him, right where he was and relive that moment, forever. Which is "why" I do this. I capture these moments to make time stand still for moms & brides. To keep the magic of every moment sealed up inside of one simple photograph.

"I asked God for a way to freeze time, so He handed me a camera."

A few things about me...