Dan & Jenna

When I first arrived at Bramblewood I was blown away by the venue. The barn was to die for, the ceremony cite sat right in front of a beautiful serene pond, and there were endless possibilities for photos with Jenna & Dan. I was so excited to get to photograph two of my favorite people at such an incredible location. Before I get ahead of myself, let me introduce Jenna & Dan to you.

I met these two last fall for their engagement session. They welcomed me right into their gorgeous home, where their cute dog ,Lucy, greeted me. Jenna and I had talked many nights until the wee hours of the morning just about life and all the many things we found out we had in common. Before we even met it felt like we had known one another for a million years. Before we headed out for photos, Jenna handed me a bag of Halloween candy for my son, Kaiden. I was blown away by her generosity, thoughtfulness, and kindness which I soon learned was just a part of who she was. Jenna and I have grown close over the past year. I would consider her a friend more than a client and every time we get a chance to talk it is always a joy. She is one of the most passionate, sweet, and giving souls I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I could go on and on but I digress. Jenna and Dan are a match made in heaven. Dan is calm and quiet. He is a gentle soul but I could see his silly side come out during our photo sessions. He loves Jenna and their son Mason with everything he has and it shows. He is a hard worker and a true gentlemen. When you look at these photos you will see what I mean when I say these two have a chemistry that is unmatched. As you go through the images be on the lookout for their adorable son, Mason. He was the star of the show.

Their wedding vibe was rustic, chic, and elegant. The ceremony was set at the perfect time of the day, the lighting wrapped around the guests like a perfect silk blanket. It was a hot day but the flower girls handed out water and sun umbrellas for everyone to keep cool. The sun stuck around for the remainder of our photos, barely hiding itself behind the clouds to give us relief but it created the most magical photo opportunities. There were rows of flowers on the hill that we just had to stop at before we headed to the reception for dancing and food. Inside the barn lavender, flickering candle light, and geometric shapes filled the tables to make a stunning reception and give the room ambience and intimate mood. Jenna's feet probably hurt by the end of the night but she elegantly danced with her groom, father, step father, and honorary father. This is a woman who is deeply loved and adored by some very special men in her life. After dinner we hopped on the golf cart and headed back down to the lake for a few sunset photos. If you know me, I am always trying to sneak those sunset "golden light" moments into every wedding. It's just so perfect every time. Then we headed back up to the barn to dance the night away. Reception photos are sometimes my favorite. I get to capture people having fun and enjoying themselves. I can usually get sincere smiles and laughs towards the end of the day and you know I am a sucker for real, authentic, emotion.

I think I have scrolled through their gallery a million times and every time I do, I smile. There is nothing more beautiful that true love and that my friends is what you are about to witness below. Capturing their love was a true honor, becoming their friend was an even greater one. I love you guys and I hope you enjoy your photos!! Thank you for trusting me to get all the good stuff and make magic happen for you.


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