Lynchburg, VA Couples Session + Puppy

Marissa & Armando are two of the kindest, most loving, and strongest people I know! They have endured a lot in the past year and still always manage to have a smile on their faces! Their bravery and love for one another is truly inspirational. When Marissa asked if I was available for a session, I was so excited!!! I got even more excited when she asked if they could brings their sweet new fur baby, Ozzy, along! Guys, wait until you see how absolutely adorable he is!!! The entire time we were there, he wanted every single person that walked by us to pet him. If they didn't, he would look at them like, "hey, aren't you forgetting something." Haha, it was the cutest thing! They have the most adorable family! I am so honored to be able to capture their sweetest memories for them over the years! You will love this sweet couples session in Lynchburg, VA. The lighting was absolutely perfect! I am so happy we stopped by on our way home from vacation to say hello and capture these moments!