The bridal room at Green Gables was perfect to photograph Keri's details.

Monty & his mom spent a special moment together before the ceremony. Pre-wedding photos are so important to remembering your day.

Monty opened his gift from Keri while the girls continued getting ready upstairs. Opening gifts from each other before you say I do is a fun tradition to add to your day.

The Ceremony

A cord of three strands cannot be easily broken. - Ecclesiastes 4:12


Keri's grandfather hugged her tightly during family photos. This moment was one we know she will cherish forever. Her mom also had a lot of love to share that day, as she hugged Monty and expressed how much she loved him. Family photos are the perfect time for capturing those sweet moments between you and your loved ones.

Bridal Party Time

Bride & Groom

We always make time for bride & groom photos. This time is usually spent alone with just the photographers so you can take a breath and take each other in. Keri & Monty had a little time before and after the reception to capture these moments. Monty made Keri laugh so hard for so many of these. Her laugh is truly contagious and lights up a room.

The story is in the details...

The shoe game was super fun and had everyone laughing.

Bouquet & Garter Toss Fun

I think he may have put the garter in the wrong spot? Anyone with me? Haha

They danced the night away and lived happily ever after...