I think every photographer literally JUMPS at the opportunity to photograph an elopement at Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh, PA. Every time I get to enter this gorgeous oasis I am just absolutely blown away. There are endless opportunities for the most amazing photographs every where you turn. When Aaron & Erin contacted me to not only document their elopement with photos but also entrusted me to capture their love through video, I was beyond excited. To say this was a dream would be an understatement. I had a lot of items checked off my bucket list in 2019 and this elopement was definitely one of them. Thanks to this beautiful elopement, I was also named one of the LooksLikeFilm Best Wedding Photographer's of 2019. Check out the link to that blog post (here). Another bucket list item checked off the list. I am so thrilled to see what 2020 holds for Bella Navi Photography.

The first look was held in the Japanese Courtyard Garden with a beautiful pond, bridge, and the coolest bonsai trees. The light was surrounding A&E perfectly and helped me to capture some of my favorite couples photos from the day. We headed over to the ceremony in the Broderie Room which is is also known as the Parterre de Broderie, which translates to “embroidery of earth.” The name is absolutely fitting for this room and it is one of my favorite rooms to photograph my couples because they change the colors according to the season. Once they say I do, we captured family photos and were able to capture some more intimate couple photos in the Sunken Garden, The Desert Room, & The East Room. The greenery and florals mixed with sunshine through the glass panes created a magical experience and the perfect setting for their photographs.

After formal pictures were over, we headed to Eleven for dinner with A&E's family. This rehabilitated warehouse turned restaurant located in the Pittsburgh Strip District near the Pennsylvania rail lines, has an elegant vibe with dim lights, beautiful views, and the most superb food. It was the perfect ending to an amazing day.

I hope you enjoy every moment of this perfect elopement and if you are in need of an elopement photographer or a unique location for your elopement I would love to help take care of all of your wedding planning needs! Don't forget to check out their elopement video at the end of the blog.

The First Look

I do...forever.

The Couple

Dinner, Cake, & Toasts

A beautiful ending to a magical day

Aaron & Erin,

Getting to know you two was truly an honor. I wish you the best in all your endeavors with your careers and your marriage. I am so glad Aarons Residency brought you to this side of the states to tie your love together forever. It was my privilege and honor to capture these moments for you! Love you guys! To a million years!!