So every year, I get the privilege of capturing the love of this beautiful lady and her family. For the past 3 years, since little Bella was in her belly, she has trusted me to capture her moments. She is a great friend and wonderful momma and wife. Watching her family grow is so special.

We have learned through our time together that Miss Bella is not the biggest fan of my camera so it takes a little while to warm up and some creativity to capture those cute smiles. As with most sessions, the first few images are always what I like to call "warm up images". It gives us a chance to shake off the nerves and get ready for the fun. It always happens that way, especially with storytelling because in order to get everyone in the family to be comfortable in front of the camera, it takes a little time. Half way through the session we were running around and Addie was singing to Bella (she has a beautiful voice). Those running images are some of my favorites. MOVEMENT is the best.

Towards the end of our time together, we hid momma and daddy and Bela played with the leaves. The light surrounded her so perfectly, just like the God's love surround us and brightens our world. Bella was smiling and playing and not so afraid of my camera (or me) anymore. Some times, it just takes time, to let the little warm up, to think up some fun games and creative ways to make them smile. But it is worth it every single time.

This is storytelling. This is family. This is love.

Are you ready to capture some fun family moments?