Making the change to HoneyBook was the best decision for my business...

I am in the process of making an AMAZING blog post with everything HoneyBook has to offer because I am passionate about helping other business owners find new ways to improve work flow and increase sales all while spending more time with your family. Making the change to Honeybook was the best decision for my business and there are so many reasons why, which I will have in another blog post, another day. For now I just want you to see how thoughtful they truly are and how much they actually put into making their software work effectively for business owners.

I just received this email with my 2019 year in review. #2019honeybookreview. They broke down my income to Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. They told me my exact profit for the year, my quickest booked project, how many new projects I booked, messages I sent, and my highest booked client this year. ( I of course am not going to share those screen shots because of privacy reasons for my business.) How thoughtful! This makes me so excited for the 2020 year and what it holds, it drives me and encourages me to push myself harder and do better; and you know why I can do that? Because I have HoneyBook to make my business run 100x smoother and more effectively.

These are all the amazing updates they added this year based off of our suggestions!!! Look at all that good stuff!! My favorite addition is the new contact form. I could create my own and make it pretty to match my brand. I love love love it.

After switching from 17hats to HoneyBook and being with this company for 804 days, I can honestly say I am so pleased with how good they have treated me. Thank you HoneyBook for helping my business grow and giving me more time to spend with my family and doing the things I love.

If you are interested in learning more you can click on the link below or send me a message on my contact page! I would be glad to answer any questions or walk you through the process and all the fun things HB has to offer. This is the #1 thing I wold add to my business for 2020 if I didn't already have it.

If you use the link below to start your Honeybook journey, you will get a FREE 30 day trial and 50% off for one year! Even at full price, it's worth every penny, but to try it out for a whole year at 50% off is an amazing deal!!!! (You have to click the link below to get the 50% off)


If you have questions, let's connect. Click the link below to ask me any HoneyBook questions.