"Wedding images – Best of 2019 // The new year has just arrived, but we have to take a moment to look back. Three hundred sixty-five days that brought us some of the best wedding images that we have ever seen. Fifty-five thousand creative minds that share their work in our LOOKSLIKEFILM group every single day. Sixty-two thousand images shared in the past year, but only 186 made our list in for wedding portrait images."

Ever since I found LooksLikeFilm (LLF) group for photographers to share their talents and grow as a community, I was so amazed by the talent in the group. I always dreamed of one day being good enough to be featured on their blog. Fast forward trough many years of growing, learning, and figuring out my passion and I have finally reached one of my biggest photography goals. It is the most humbling feature I have every received. I am so honored to be a part of this group of creative humans that have such a passion for art and to be named LOOKS LIKE FILM BEST WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER OF 2019. Out of 55,000 creatives and 62,000 images my image was featured along with 185 other AMAZING Photographers. Thank you so much Lukas Piatek for all you do for the community! Click the link to check out the entire blog!