--- Established ---

          While Emily's original photography business was started in 2013, Bella Navi Photography LLC was officially established in December 2015.  Emily announced the name change on January 1st 2016 in conjunction with her new annual women's empowerment project known as "The Bella Navi Project."

We offer the following services:

Weddings, Senior Sessions, and Family Session.


  -- Behind the Name ---

               When I first created this new business name I was looking for something that inspired me and would represent who I am as an individual and what my business stands for. I wanted to stand out and have a name that was unique. I knew I wanted the name to have the word "Bella" or "beautiful" because I wanted to reflect God's beauty through my business. Combining Bella with another word in Italian that had a beautiful meaning and sound was quite difficult but after much prayer I came up with "Bella Navi" which mean "Beautiful Vessels." 

--- Emily's Heart ---

           "Beautiful Vessels is something that is really close to my heart; I want to be a vessel for Christ and so is my business. I want the Lord to work through me and my business to reach out into the lives of others. I want others to see that there is a difference when they are spending time with me and my staff. Along with being vessels for Christ, "Broken Vessels" (by Hillsong) is my absolute favorite song. I recorded my own cover of the song for fun this past fall; the meaning of it is very special to me. 
I believe we are all broken and shattered, but in mercy, Jesus gathers us and mends us back to being whole. God's Amazing Grace has won and is available to save us all.
           To me, this is what following Christ is all about. If I can reflect even a glimpse of God through my business, then my work has purpose. This is the true meaning behind my business name, being a beautifully crafted vessel to shine hope and love into the world.
           Sometimes God likes to take something old and do a new thing with it, and sometimes He is creating something new that isn't planned at all. That's what makes this life with Him so beautiful and unique; He likes to give us a new perspective, a new hope. So to my surprise, I found out that my business name has an entirely different (but yet still ever so powerful and beautiful) meaning. While the business name still means the same to me, if you are familiar with the Italian language you will quickly catch on that Navi means vessels as in ships (not empty jars). At first I was upset at myself for not digging deeper into the meaning of the word I was using, but then I decided to use it for good *Smile*. I've always had a thing for boats, water, anchors, and the like (they inspire me). This makes me think of the story of Noah. There's a deeper meaning behind this story than just a man, his family, and a bunch of animals on a boat; this is a powerful story of hope and new beginnings. A ship is a symbol of a journey; a powerful vessel that navigates through water; one of Gods most precious, significant and powerful creations on earth. So either way, Beautiful Ships or Beautiful Jars of clay, this new name has a powerful meaning for me and I hope it will touch your heart in the way it touches mine."

--- Emily Anne Hesse

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Here is the song that inspired my business name. Take a listen!! You won't regret it!! :)