2018 Travels

Sandbridge, VA

Cleveland, OH

Millstone, NJ 

Dover, DE

Davis Lake, NC 

Wintersville, OH

Cheat Lake, WV

Charlotte, NC 

Deep Creek, MD

Cumberland, MD

Ocean City, MD

See your location? Want to add a location? We are always up for traveling!

Just message us and let us know where you will be!! 

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Emily is a wedding and lifestyle photographer on the East Coast. She established her business in 2015 but has been a photographer for 8 years. She loves to adventure and is available for travel world wide. Her main focus is on the emotion and intimate connections between her clients. Her goal is to make her clients feel comfortable and confident during their session/wedding. If you like to adventure, make memories, and have fun, Bella Navi Photography is the right fit for you!