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Asher's Journey

Asher’s Journey

Tears fill my eyes every time I watch this sweet video. I am so honored to be able to capture my sweet nephews journey into the world. From being tucked away in his mommy’s belly, to his sweet arrival and first few weeks at home; every moment was so precious and perfect.

Happy Birthday Evelyn Rose!

This beautiful mamma gave birth to her "Little Piglet" today!!! We are so excited for the new journey that is ahead for these two wonderful new parents. We just want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY Evelyn Rose!!!

John & Tara's Maternity Session <3

John & Tara's Maternity Session <3

I was so honored to work with this beautiful couple!! They are so sweet, fun, and caring. The love of Christ shines so beautifully through them!! Thank you John & Tara!!