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Asher's Journey

Asher’s Journey

Tears fill my eyes every time I watch this sweet video. I am so honored to be able to capture my sweet nephews journey into the world. From being tucked away in his mommy’s belly, to his sweet arrival and first few weeks at home; every moment was so precious and perfect.

Our Kids

Our Kids

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Since Mr. Asher is on his way in t minus 1 week, this will be the final photo session these cousins will have together as the 4 amigos. They love each other, fight like brothers and sisters, and learn new tricks from one another (not all good). They are the joy of our hearts and I know my sisters are just as proud of these 4 little babes as I am. These moments are full of laughter, so fighting, so tears, but it wouldn't be our kids without everything you see here. We love them dearly.