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Surprise Proposal - Deep Creek Maryland



APRIL 2, 2016



This engagement was exciting for many reasons.

1. This beautiful girl is my little sister.  2. I was asked to help plan a surprise proposal that she would love!     3. She said "YES!"

 I was so blessed to be a part of such a beautiful story and capture these priceless moments.


A few weeks before RJ took Michaela to the mall to pick out an outfit for "family portraits". What better cover than "Family Portraits" for a surprise proposal. The day before we left he sent Michaela off to have her nails done. Before we left for Maryland, RJ slipped me the ring and I hid it in my camera bag so she didn't see it. 

The Day:

After a few family portraits our mom and Michaela took the children up to the car because it was so cold and windy.  While Michaela was away, I gave RJ the piece of paper  and the ring and took a few portraits before Michaela came back down from the car. When the time was right he took the ring out of his pocket and hid it behind his back so I could snap a few shots, while Michaela was in complete oblivion. 

 I positioned myself and told Michaela it was time to turn around and at that moment RJ got down on one knee and asked his beautiful woman to be his wife. I could hear her asking in the distance "Babe! What did you do?" with a huge smile on her face and then she took a step back and began to cry.

Tears filled my eyes as I was trying to capture every intimate detail of this beautiful occasion. I will never forget the smile on my baby sisters face, (I am tearing up while I am writing this). Congratulations RJ and Michaela and thank you for allowing me to be a part of your beautiful day! 

It has always been a dream of mine to photograph a surprise proposal! There is something so magical about being able to photograph two people in the middle of a special moment like this.  To all the men out there that are getting ready to surprise their queen and would like a photographer to capture the beautiful moment for her; hit the button below and schedule a time and date with us so we can capture your surprise proposal.