Happy 10th Birthday Kaiden!

Screaming HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the BEST little man in the entire world!!!! I cannot believe how fast time flies. 10 years ago today, you came into this world and stole my heart. Watching you grow has been so incredible and I am so blessed to be your mommy. Here are 10 things I love about my handsome, brave, sweet 10 year old!

1. His love for cooking.... Every morning he wants to make us breakfast. He loves making eggs and bacon and pancakes. I have always made him Mickey Mouse pancakes, so now he makes us different shapes and animals.

2. His creativity.... Kaiden has a creative side just like his momma. He loves to create new recipes in the kitchen, he always has new ideas for new ways to cook our food. He also loves to color and make things for people. I have a ton of crafts and coloring pages hanging all through my house and in storage boxes. I love every single thing he makes me.

3. He is a giver... When we are at the store, Kaiden is always thinking about others. He loves to look for things to buy his cousins or family members. He loves to make things for us and surprise us with gifts. We teach Kaiden to tithe and every time he gives his tithe he always gives God way more than 10%! It warms my heart to see his love for giving to others.

4. He loves to sing... One of Kaidens favorite things to do for us is to put on concerts. He picks his favorite country songs and puts his headphones on and sings his little heart out. He also loves to write his own songs and sing them for us!!! My family will tell you that I use to do the exact same things growing up! Like mother, like son. :)

5. He is compassionate and kind... Kaiden has always had a big heart. He is the first one to comfort someone if they are down. He loves to make sure everyone is happy and feels loved. IF you are crying or hurt, he is right there your side! One of my favorite acts of love Kaiden has showed others it buying bibles for the elderly to spread the love of Christ. This was all Kaidens idea and he continued to remind me about it until I purchased the bibles. He has such a big heart!!

6. He is helpful... Kaiden loves to help others. I have had many surgeries the past few years and Kaiden is always right there to make sure I have everything I need. He loves to make me coffee in the mornings and get everyone snacks. He will randomly clean the house and help make meals. He holds doors for everyone when we go out and he is always trying to help the elderly.  He also loves to help his dad build things and take care of yard work when they are together.

7. His dreams and ambitions.. Kaiden has the most awesome goals for a 10 year old. He wants to be a famous youtuber but he isn't going to wait until he grows up, he wants to start now! He also wants to be a country singer and he wants to build things like a construction worker. I love hearing him talk about his dreams!

8. He loves to cuddle... Short are the days where our little ones want to cuddle with their mommas. I know that these days will soon end as he sprouts into a teenager but I am taking advantage of our sweet snuggles while I can. He loves to cuddle on the couch and watch a movie, or cuddle next to me while I am working. I sure will miss these cuddles some day but for now I am taking them in and enjoying every second!

9. He is smart... Kaiden is one of the smartest kids I know. Every since he was little he has learned so quickly. Potty training was a breeze, I feel like I didn't even get to teach him because he just did it himself. He learned to read and spell at an early age and he hasn't slowed down since. He is one of the fastest readers in his class, he is sooo good at math, and he loves learning about science. He has straight A's and I am super proud of him for that!

10. His jokes... Kaiden absolutely loves to tell jokes. April fools day is his favorite Holiday. In fact, he thinks its once a month because all through the year he will prank us and tell say "April Fools!" with a big smile on his face. His dogs birthday is April Fools day! He is so playful and silly. He loves to make up his own jokes and tell them to us. He is always making me laugh. :)

Kaiden is the most amazing little boy I know. He is handsome, silly, smart, strong, brave, and thoughtful. He loves attention, he loves to help others, and he loves to encourage others. I love his smile and his laughter, and I love how big his heart it. I am so proud of my little boy. I am so blessed that he calls me mom.