Pittsburgh Wedding Transportation Tips

 I am so excited to bring our brides these helpful tips from our guest blogger at Pittsburgh Limousine Bus. I hope you find these tips helpful as you are planning your wedding!  

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3 Pittsburgh Wedding Transportation Tips

Wedding transportation is a detail of your planning that shouldn't be overlooked! It might seem like a small part of the puzzle, but it's vital to ensuring everything runs smoothly and on time. If you've started looking already, you know that there are hundreds of Pittsburgh transportation providers to sift through. Which PA Limo Company do you choose? We'll make it easier with a few tips on how to separate the good from the bad! Remembering these pointers will lead you to the best choice for your specific Pittsburgh wedding needs.


Always ask to view the vehicle before placing a deposit

Have you ever seen a transportation website that looked too good to be true? It's common for providers to put stock photos of vehicles on their websites. It doesn't mean they actually own them! There are a lot of middle man services who simply book other peoples vehicles for a fee. This means the vehicle you book can be a different vehicle than what actually shows up on your wedding day. Who wants a surprise like that? View the vehicle beforehand so there aren't any surprises.


When you're checking out the vehicle, ask for a sample contract

Meeting with potential transportation companies allows you to get a feel for what kind of customer service they provide. A transparent company will be happy to let you view their contract before putting down a deposit or signing to complete the reservation. You should be aware of all of the smaller details and fine print so you don't end up with extra charges or lackluster service.


Make sure they've been to your wedding venue before

Make it a point to ask if they're familiar with your Pittsburgh wedding venue. If they aren't, this could cause trouble. An inexperienced chauffeur is likely to add time on top of your wedding itinerary if they're unsure where to park or drop you off. If they've already been there before, it becomes a lot easier for everybody!


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