DIY Wedding Tips - Ways to save on your special day

DIY Wedding Tips

Hello beautiful. We know that weddings can start to burn a hole in your wallet. Even after you nail down the big vendors (photographer, videographer, venues, catering, dress, florists, cake), the little details can start to become daunting and expensive. We are here to help! Here are 3 tips to keep your wedding details within your budget. 

Get creative with your cake. 

Skip out on the traditional cake and go with a stack of donuts or home made pies instead. You can really spice up the look of your "wedding cake" by adding florals and greenary. Our favorite alternative was a large stack of pancakes with berries on each tier. You and your hubby can pour syrup over the pancakes before your cut them. This will save you hundreds of dollars and keep your wedding fun, stylish, and unique. You can find some more adorable cake alternatives on our Cake Alternative Board

Make your own signs or hire a local sign maker. 

 One of the ways we saved on our wedding decor was by hiring a local sign maker to creative beautiful and unique signs for our wedding. This not only allowed us save on the decorations but we also now have beautiful signs hanging in our home that remind us of our wedding day. Our favorite place to order our wedding (and home) sings is Renee's Craft Room.  She is amazing! You can use signs for just about everything. Guest books, flower girl signs, reserved signs, and welcome signs are just a few of the ways to save! If you are crafty and can find time to make these things yourself, you can find some rad sign ideas on our Wedding Sign Board.  

Make your own jewelry. 

Making your own jewelry for your wedding will take time but it most definitely will save you some money! For my wedding I decided that buying all the jewelry was a waste of money. Why would I spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on jewelry I might only wear one time. You can go to your local Michael's store and find everything you need to make beautiful earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. I also made my mother, mother in law, and bridesmaids gifts as well! It was something that they really can appreciate and cherish since they were made with love. Another fun thing to do is have your bridal party get together one evening and make your jewelry together. This gives you time to bond and enjoy time with one another. You can find some awesome jewelry ideas on our DIY Wedding Jewelry Board or just go to a local craft store and look at all the beautiful pieces they have to get your started. Let your creativity flow! 




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