The King Wedding - Pittsburgh, PA

Mike & Emily King

August 25th 2018

Robin Hill Park

Pittsburgh, PA Wedding Photographer - Intimate Wedding Story

This love story is the sweetest, so sit back and grab some tissues. Em & Mike have been together for 10 years!!! First off, can we just say that we think that is absolutely amazing. After 10 years of celebrating their love together, Mike decided it was time to ask this lovely woman to marry him and here are all the sappy details.

Our lovely bride, Em, get’s to celebrate her birthday is on Christmas day. (Happy early Birthday girl!!) Being the sweet and giving person that she is, she of course LOVES to give to others on her birthday. So, Mike has a special tradition for her; every year on HIS birthday, he always buys Em a gift. How flippin cute is that!!! So this past year, was no different. Em had bought a video recorder to make family movies, so she took it out and started recording as they started opening their gifts. She forgot where she put one of his gifts, so she kept apologizing to him. (Been there, done that girlfriend. Every single year lol.) So they finish up opening their presents and he tells her there is one more gift. He holds out a small jewelry box, and at first she thought it was a necklace or another type of jewelry. She notices that Mike has a nervous grin on his face and she knows that this is it. She thinks to herself, “oh no, it’s happening. I’m not prepared for this!” Mike looks at Em and says, “the best gift I could have would be for you to be my wife.” (and cue all the tears) And he had the whole engagement recorded on the video recorder Em set up earlier, so they can enjoy their moment over and over again.

Fast forward to August 25th 2018 and these two were able to finally tie the knot. The best way I can describe their wedding is a classic, family oriented, Asian wedding. It was absolutely beautiful! They chose the beautiful Robin Hill Park for their venue. With 100 acres of greenary, trails, gardens, and a beautiful Georgian-style home, it was absolutely breath taking. Their ceremony took place in a beautiful white gazebo on the lawn, with white florals wrapped around the entrance. A thick green forest painted a beautiful back drop behind them, as they said I do. We wondered around the facility for their formal photos and enjoyed the gardens, green house, and paths. For the reception they had a big white tent set out in the yard below the house, filled with gorgeous Asian decor, and pink accents. Then they shared their first dance under the awning on the back patio. We ended our evening with a few photos under the setting sun, as rays peaked through the trees, providing the perfect lighting for a few last minute intimate photographs.

It was an absolute honor to capture this beautiful wedding. If I could have Em & Mike as repeat wedding clients, I would hands down volunteer to do their wedding. It was truly the best! Now I will shut up and you can enjoy the heck out of these beautiful memories they made.