John & Shayne

1 Year Anniversary

Deep Creek, Maryland

Swallow Falls

Adventurous Couples Session

When Shayne asked me to photograph John and her for their 1 year anniversary, I was super excited. First, because I love capturing couples that are truly in love and I like getting an occasional break from weddings to relax and explore nature. Second, because Shayne happens to be my niece, which is pretty cool and yes weird since she is a few months older than me, lol. We have a very unique and fun relationship tho and I am so grateful that she trusted me to capture the love between them.

Shayne chose Deep Creek, Maryland for her adventure session and I could have kissed her a thousand times because Deep Creek is one of my absolute favorite places to do sessions. Hint Hint** If you are looking for a little adventure and some beautiful photos, this is your place and for those in the Laurel highlands, Pittsburgh, and Cumberland area it is not too far to travel! But, I digress, back to story telling.

Of course, when we arrived at Swallow Falls the weather was a little less than ideal. It was sprinkling off an on throughout the day and a little chilly. But we traveled about an hour to make magic happen and we weren’t about to give up now. So I sent my husband and the kids to explore the outdoors while, Shayne, John, and I took a path towards some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the area.

We walked paths, climbed rocks, got a little wet, and laughed til’ our hearts were content. Once the session was over, we headed to the Green Turtle to wrap up our evening with a yummy dinner. Side Note* I think all of my sessions should end in dinner with the couple or family. It’s such a great way to bond and make new friends. I don’t just want to be your “photographer”, I love being able to say we are friends. And I am grateful to have more clients that are “friends” for years to come, than those that just walk away after their session and I never hear from them again. So, if ya want some dinner or ice cream after our session, I mean I’m always down!

So, now that I am done talking about how amazing this adventurous love story was, I think you should watch the slideshow below to experience the joy and love this couple shares.

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A few of my favorites from this session.