Happy Mother's Day

This one is for the mom who worked hard everyday to provide for her children. For the mom who sacrificed her own pleasure for softball games, horse lessons, and gymnastic classes. For the mom who made sure her kids were in church every Sunday even if she couldn't make it because she was exhausted from working so hard the week before. To the mom who made her kids show others respect and taught them how to respect themselves. To the mom who thought she wasn't going to make it but pushed through every step of the way and raised some of the most awesome kids in the world. This one is for the mom who inspires us to be ourselves and love everyone around us for who they are. This one is for you mom, mumzie, mum, mamma cita... ( Whatever name we all call you ) Thank you for being YOU! We love you! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! 

Happy Mother's Day to all you beautiful Momma's in this world! Have a blessed day! 

-Bella Navi Photography LLC