Shout out to our Stylist

If you haven't heard already, I have the best darn stylist in South Western Pennsylvania. This girl is phenomenal! We started offering "hair and make up" for our 2016 Senior Ambassadors last year and I was so impressed with the results that I decided that, Michaela, would be a great addition to our team. So it's official, this rock'n stylist is now an exclusive part of the Bella Navi Experience. You won't find her anywhere else and I promise you won't regret hiring her for your sessions. 


Michaela attended CWCPC in Pennsylvania for 4 years while in high school. She had the chance to go the Hershey for a State Competition for nail design. (She is truly awesome at nail art) In 2009, she moved to Denver, CO where she continued her education for another 4 years at the Xenon Academy of Denver. In addition to her 8 years of education in the cosmetology field, she is in the process of getting her cosmetology license and plans to open her own salon in the future. 

(( WHO SHE IS )) 

If you take away the eyeliner and flatiron, you will find Michaela working 40+ hours a week to provide for her beautiful family. She is the mother to two beautiful children, Carter (3) & Layken (1). She likes tattoos, piercings, animal print and SPARKLES. On her days off you will find her in the kitchen, wearing her big over sized t-shirt and cooking a mouth watering meal or shopping for fun things to spoil her children with. She also loves to sit down and enjoy a good movie and quality time with her significant other.  In addition to being a mom, she is a loving aunt, sister & daughter.

(( TALENTS )) 

Hair stylist 

Make up artist

Nail designer


Body paint and design

(( Q & A FUN ))

Q: Why did you choose to go to school for cosmetology?

A: I went to school for this because I knew I loved doing nails and the nails got me into experimenting with colors on my hair. Then I enjoyed doing colors and nails on other people as well. 

Q: What is your favorite part of doing women's hair and make up? 

A: I love seeing how everyone looks with different hair styles and different colors of make up on. 

Q: What is your biggest dream for your career? 

A: My biggest dream is to open my own salon and for it to be a HIT! 

Q: What is your favorite brand of make up to use and why? 

A: My favorite brand is Mac.  I don't use foundation but when I tried Mac it felt so soft and smooth; it was amazing and it covers everything! 

Q:What would you recommend every woman carries in her make up bag? 

A: I recommend eye liner, mascara and lip gloss. Those are the main things you should need to do touch ups with :) 

Q: If you could choose one place in the world to go, where would it be? 

A: I want to go to Italy or Jamaica, I can't decide; or maybe Hawaii! lol

Love of beauty is taste, the creation of beauty is art
— unkown