Behind the Name

        Beautiful Vessels. Beautiful Ships. What is so special about a ship? A LOT! A ship is what saved mankind. A ship symbolizes a journey. A ship navigates through water, one of God's most powerful creations. A ship is a vessel waiting to be directed by its captain.  
         Noah was a righteous and honorable man. He was told to build an ark and God had given him this vision for what the boat was to look like. No one around Noah understood why this man would build a boat in the middle of nowhere. From what I understand, rain didn't even exist back then (if that sounds weird, just go ask my boyfriend about how it worked *he-he*) so a big boat would have been REALLY unnecessary . They just didn't have an understanding for what God was about to do and just how important this boat was going to be. But despite the negativity of those around him, Noah stayed faithful and kept building. His family believed with him and they were blessed. When the storms came, Noah, his family and the animals were all safe. The boat was the connection; God's promise to keep Noah and his family safe; the boat was mankind's only hope. I heard it put once this way, the story of Noah is a reflection of what Christ did for us 2000 years ago. While God was building Jesus up to be the hope of all creation, people mocked Him, ridiculed Him and couldn't see God's purpose for Him. But when Jesus died he became our boat and all those who are on board are saved. They have hope. Our mission is to get as many people onto the boat as possible. Because when the floods come and the world ends, those that are not on the boat (Jesus) have no hope."
        What does this have to do with my business? A lot. While I have spent  years working on not only building my business from nothing, God has also spent many years building me up from nothing.  I have had many people who believed in me and many who did not. God gave me a vision that only I could see and a hand full of people that believed with me. I believe that those that are on board our beautiful vessel, the "Bella Navi" will be blessed. Not only because of the art work I will provide for them and the memories they will be able to treasure but also because they will be encouraged, have fun and be touched by God's light. This is why our new business slogan is, "We have this hope, an anchor for the soul, firm and secure".-Hebrews 6:19.