Happy Birthday Evelyn Rose!

This beautiful mamma gave birth to her "Little Piglet" today!!! We are so excited for the new journey that is ahead for these two wonderful new parents. We just want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY Evelyn Rose!!!

Intimate Storytelling with Emily

So you need a family photographer? You don't want your every day traditional images and portraits though, you want something more intimate and personal. Something that shows your relationship with your littles or the intimacy and passion between you and your hubby. If you are looking for an experience that captures the very essence of who you are as a mother, wife, daughter, or friend, then you have come to the right place.

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I use to take portraits. I use to pose everyone in uncomfortable positions and ask for a smile and count to 3 before I hit the shutter. I use to get good portraits, good images of everyone looking at the camera, smiling, and looking good but it was just not cutting it for me. I saw these families and couples as real people, with real stories, and real feelings.  I heard their stories, I saw their interactions and I knew that my images were missing something that I so desired them to have. I wanted them to be filled with joy, tears, laughter, snuggles, movement, and intimacy. So I started researching and following photographers that brought this kind of life into their images and I found such joy getting to experience these moments that other photographers had captured for their clients. They weren't posed. They weren't stiff. They were free. They were intimate. This is what I wanted to do for my clients. Create something that moved them to feel something every time they saw their images hanging on their walls.

This was the path I wanted to take and I am so happy that I did!!!  My images are filled with life. They are filled with love and emotion. I have noticed that allowing my families/couples to just be themselves, they feel a lot more comfortable during the session. I have had some of the best compliments from clients and even other photographers I have worked with, expressing how comfortable and fun their experience was! That's my goal with every session. It's not that you would be nervous or dread having your pictures taken. Even men who hate having their pictures done have left their session with a smile on their face, later admitting to their wife that they actually really enjoyed that!! A photographic experience shouldn't be about "perfection". It should be about capturing your family as they are. There's a difference between a portrait session and a lifestyle session. We have made the transition from portrait photography into lifestyle photography and we are excited to take this journey with our clients!

We love our new adventures. We love creating these special moments and memories with you. Dancing in the sunshine, whispering sweet nothings in your spouse's ear, cuddling your little darling when she is tired or sad. These moments matter. These moments are a part of your story. We want to be able to tell that story and share it with your friends and family. If this is something you have been wanting in your family or wedding portraits, then we need to talk!!! I am always up for new adventures and intimate journeys. I travel all over the US and I am available to come right to your home or your favorite vacation spot! Let's go explore together. Let's go create something magical and intimate together. <3

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Michaela & Issac - Part 1

Michaela & Issac

Part 1

I needed a model to model some jewelry for a company I collaborated with recently. So, I asked Michaela if she would want to help out. Then I remember she just entered a new relationship and as the big sister I needed an opportunity to meet this young man and get an idea of who she was dating. So what better way than to ask them both to model for a couples session for me and just go out and have fun!! We set off at 6am to find fog in the mountains. We had no set destination in mind, we were just wandering spirits that morning. I followed some instincts and ended up at some awesome locations. As we left our first destination we start driving up the mountain and there is it. THICK. BEAUTIFUL. FOG. I prayed for that fog for days. I guess you can say I received the fog, if not to photograph a couple in, to view the beauty of it! It was miles away and we wouldn't have had time to reach it before I had to be back for church so we ended up heading to Issac's (family) property and found the most beautiful light and flowers. <3

I'm grateful for the journey we were able to take that day. I'm grateful that my prayers were answered, even if not in the way I had hoped. I'm grateful that my sister has a man that cherishes her and it's evident in these photos. This big sister approves. <3

Now here are some of the images for you to enjoy of these two. They really capture their personalities and cuteness. They are very fun and outgoing so we will start off with a silly picture!! lol